To Be Clear...

Most people have a camera in their possession, whether it's a smartphone camera, a point-&-shoot, or a DSLR. With social media outlets, there's no shortage of images being shared. A question often asked is "I can shoot an image, print it, hang it on my wall if I choose, so why would I ask anyone else to do that for me?" 

Before answering that question, I like to refer back to something I learned in fine art classes about color. In order to see & understand the intensity, richness, & purity of a hue, it's helpful to have another hue next to it for comparison. For example, what initially appears to be a watered-down, neutralized hue may look much more intense when placed next to an even more watered-down hue, or a complimentary color (opposite on the color wheel). In other words, comparison and contrast helps one to see the difference. As with most things, comparison & contrast allows us to gain clarity. Photography is no different. 

The work of a photographer who has taken the time to learn the craft of photography will offer polished and professional images. There will be a dramatic difference in things like color, clarity, sharpness, composition, and meaning. In other words, there's more to photography than simply clicking a button. There is thought, concept, skill, and heart put into a pro's images. This person has likely dedicated years to learn how to properly use a camera, lighting, & fine tune their creative and technical skills. Hang their work next to an image of a smartphone shot and I promise you, you'll see the difference. You'll understand why you may want to hire a professional photographer.