Jodi Combs Fine Art Photography

In the beginning.....

Years ago, my friend, teacher, and mentor Rick Burress said with an evil grin, "Listen, photography is an expensive hobby."  He understood the abyss into which my peers and I were about to plunge ourselves.  As time passed, his words have echoed in my mind each time I've bought a new lens, or tripod, or speedlite, or whatever presented itself as my latest necessity for taking better pictures.  


Let me state an obvious truth; to be a photographer, you'll need equipment.  The question is how much is necessary?  The allure of buying more photography equipment is always an issue.  Photographers notoriously love their photo equipment AND love showing it to other photogs who they know will get the same rush by seeing it, touching it, smelling it, rubbing it on their faces with closed eyes as they smile quietly to themselves.  We are exposed to new techniques which require just one or two more things, THEN everything will be better.  The photo neophyte (and I'm guilty) will get sucked into the buy-more-equipment vacuum.


Here's my thought.  Do the research and speak with experts (who have nothing to gain by selling you anything) about a good starter-camera.  Once you've found all the info you feel you need to make a wise choice, save up some cash & buy it!   When it lands in your hands, open the box and take out that one thing we all more often than not throw in the top drawer with other things we keep but never use: the user's manual.  READ YOUR MANUAL.  Learn all you can learn about your new purchase before you buy another piece of equipment.   If you buy more stuff before you learn how to use your camera, you won't take the time to readyour manual and learn your camera.  You will be surprised at all the wonderful things this little gadget can do for you if you give it your attention and time.  Also,  if you're sincerely interested in photography, take a photo class if at all possible.  Learn the basics.  As with any topic, there are those who've gone ahead of us, learned things we don't know, and are willing to share it.  Put your ego aside and learn.