I am a Kentucky native.  I grew up in Eastern Kentucky where the culture is as rich as its soil.  As with any culture, to know it one must live it, & have the opportunity to allow it to resonate in oneself.  I am who I am because of my culture.  The rest was developed over time with new places and fresh faces.  

In my early twenties, I made my way from one end of the state to the other where I eventually landed in Louisville, Kentucky for several years.  I studied at Louisville School of Art, worked, and matured.  I then moved to Arizona where I lived for nearly 30 years: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe.  My time there, especially in Scottsdale, was pivotal in my development as an artist, a fine art photographer, & a person.  The artists & teachers with whom I met and shared time will always hold a special place in my life.  I've been lucky.  People like Rick Burress, Rachel Brace-Stille, Bill Martin, Linda Hicks, & Ribhi M. Kalla have been pivotal in my artistic, photographic, and general human development.  Those who've believed in me unconditionally and stood by their belief in my talents will always be some of my greatest treasures.

In other words, I've spent the better part of my life studying & practicing to be the creative artist & photographer I've become.  During that time, I've come to realize that art, creativity, photography, and any other human endeavor worthy of a mention are important to the welfare of humanity; what we offer can have a profound impact on those around us.  With our endeavors comes responsibility.  With fine art which includes photography, I can serve my community & make it a better place.  This is my ultimate goal: to make a positive impact on those I serve with the skills I've worked countless hours to develop.  Now I am back, living in Lexington, Kentucky.  I am ready to share what I've learned, serve my community, & call this state my home once again.